Trust your legal defense to an experienced lawyer. Call 615-953-8796 (866-572-1886 toll free).

Trust your legal defense to an experienced lawyer. Call 615-953-8796 (866-572-1886 toll free).

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Highly recommend him. I was facing felonies from an over intoxicated night out in Nashville. After I paid for the damages he not only got the charges dropped he got the whole thing expunged off my record. Thomas Overton is fair priced and he charged me one flat fee for the whole thing. He is very well known in the courts of Nashville. If you’ve gotten yourself in to some trouble he is the attorney you need.

– Jeff S.

Tommy Overton is hands down the best lawyer you could get to defend you. Mr. Overton saved me from long term legal and financial turmoil. He reduced my D.U.I. to a reckless driving and was able to get three other charges dismissed. Reasonably priced and understanding, great open communication, and definitely eased my anxiety after the free consultation. His experience and professionalism is unparalleled, and if I could give him more stars I definitely would. He also offered to expunge my record after probation ends. Extremely grateful and fortunate to have him represent me.

– Dan B.

Highly recommend Tommy. He turned 2 felonies into misdemeanors and no time. No violation on probation, he got court costs reduced from 13K to 790. Tommy is a great man and has the experience and relationships that are key to best outcome.

– Anonymous

I have known Mr Overton for many years and he is a class act. If you need an attorney who will shoot you straight, fight for you all the way, and is well respected and delivers results, then Tommy Overton is who you need to call. He has helped me and multiple friends on different occasions and there could not have been a better person than Tommy to handle it all. Absolutely will ALWAYS use him and refer him to anyone i know anytime an attorney is needed. Top notch and recommended.

– Tony S.

Thomas Overton is a great attorney. He has reasonable prices and tells you upfront if something is going to take long , the process, what the end result(s) could be and etc. He helped me win my case and get my property back . It took a little over 5 months but only because we were waiting on the judge to sign the affidavit and that itself took forever . Thomas Overton stayed on their behind and made sure they didn’t forget about me. He is very professional, get communication and keeps you posted . I would highly recommend him.

– Dee

It doesn’t matter what I’m going through I can call Tommy and he calls me right back. Talks me through my situation at the time with common sense knowledge so I understand! He’s been riding with me as my attorney for over 2 years! I highly recommend him! Be ready to accept the truth cause that’s actually what he’ll give you!!! Thanks Tommy!!!

– Dana C.

My son was accused of a very heinous crime due to a mental illness. Instead of shunning us, Tommy Overton immediately jumped to our defense. He was able to objectively view the situation and helped to successfully defend my son. If I ever find my son in legal trouble again, I will definitely utilize Mr. Overton’s sagacious expertise. His skill set and experience is unrivaled.

– Anomyous

Wow! What a great attorney! I Unfortunately was facing some serious charges with some serious time but Tommy with his years of experience & expertise got me out of a two year sentence with only 48 hours! If you’re ever in need of a criminal defense attorney Tommy should be your go too! Thank you Tommy!

– Sheila Y.

This Guy is the Greatest Criminal Attorney Tennessee has to offer. .He has assisted my family in correcting wrongs that were not justified….Very knowledgeable and caring!! Very appreciative of all he has done for us and our community.

– Shatika S.

Could not have been happier to find Tommy. He answered my phone call and told me exactly what to expect. He handled everything and really saved me. If you need a GREAT attorney, call Tommy Overton!

– Kylie L.

Tommy Overton is a wonderful attorney with lots of knowledge and experience. He helped me win the case and I recommend him highly.

– Jea S.

I would recommend him to anybody. Not only was he knowledgeable, he also was understanding. Saved me and my family a lot of trouble.

– Scott F.

Great Experience!!! He has been of great help to me!!! Highly recommended!! Very personable and helpful to my specific case.

– Brooke W.

Excellent attorney Mr. Overton took on my domestic violence with bodily injury case and won! He explained everything to me and in two short court appearances the case was dismissed. I was terrified as this is a serious crime in the state of TN. He is also making sure that this is expunged off of my record. Tommy has over twenty years of experience and he knows exactly what to do. I am not from the area and he was a lifesaver I highly recommend him!

– Amanda E.

Mr. Overton was able to get my charges reduced even after I already went to court with my first attorney. I highly recommend Mr. Overton!

– Nikki S.

I have used Tommy many times over the years and he is the BEST. Very responsive and knows the best process to handle your needs! He has always had the best outcome in every case! You will not be disappointed.

– Teresa W.

Tommy Overton is worth every penny my district attorney got angry when she knew he was representing me.

– Steven W.

I am a lawyer. I hired Tommy Overton because I needed an attorney to represent me in a very complicated criminal matter. There was a lot of negative publicity about my case. I was not certain that Tommy, or anyone, could perform the legal work that I needed done. I had the resources to choose any attorney in Nashville, but, I chose Tommy because he and I have been friends for 18 years and he knows how to navigate the complicated criminal justice system in Tennessee. Specifically, I asked Tommy to do work for me involving a recent change in the law that required both knowledge, skill and a bit of luck. Tommy took the challenge and accepted my case. He was able to obtain the result that I required without my having to even come to Nashville or even make a court appearance. Whether you have a speeding ticket or a case that is complex like mine, I recommend that you contact Tommy Overton today. The sooner you call him, the more he can do for you to protect your rights. I am grateful for all Tommy did for me. As an attorney who has tried over 30 cases to verdict in front of juries, I can honestly say that Tommy Overton is one of the best criminal defense lawyers around.

– David in Tennessee

had Thomas Overton for my consul in a misdemeanor citation and was very satisfied with the results. He was helpful, well assisting, and very experienced in all court proceedings.

– Timothy

Mr. Overton gave me a good price and actually got me the minimum sentence for my charge. He is to the point and doesn’t sugarcoat anything, so what he says is what you’re going to get. I’ll use him again in the future and I would recommend him to all of my friends and family.

– David C.

Tommy Overton is the BEST!!! I found him to be a genius in the courtroom and would use his expertise in any legal matter I should encounter. He was intelligent, always prompt, and very clever in his arguments. Should I ever need legal advice or representation again I would call Tommy first.

– Jean

I have known Tommy Overton for over 10 years. He has been my attorney several times and I wouldn’t have any other attorney but him. He is the most caring attorney that I have ever known and he has always put me first. I have always been happy with him and the choices that he has made about my case. He has always kept me informed and he always returned my phone calls. I will always use him as my attorney and I will always consider him as a friend.

– Jennifer

Mr. Overton informed me that he had been practicing law for over 26 years. He didn’t sugarcoat things just to make me feel better. He explained to me the pros and cons of my case. He was able to get me a reduction to reckless driving versus a DUI. And, I was able to keep my license. Every time I called him, he got back in touch with me, answered my questions and treated me in a professional manner.

– Mark