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Trust your legal defense to an experienced lawyer. Call 615-953-8796 (866-572-1886 toll free).

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The purpose of a bond is to stay out of jail until your trial date. I, criminal defense attorney Tommy Overton, have a lot of experience getting bond lowered or set for my clients, so that they can keep going to work and living their lives as they await trial.

What many people I meet with do not realize is that bond is not always offered to defendants in drug cases, and when it is, there can be additional hoops to jump through.

For example, when bond is set at $75,000 or higher — or $10,000 or higher in cash — Davidson County requires a “source hearing” to be held before bond can be posted.

The purpose of the source hearing is to ensure the court that the money being supplied for bond is not tied to crime. The requirement was put into place to prevent “drug money” from being used for bonds.

What To Expect At The Bond Source Hearing

Whoever is posting bond at the source hearing must provide evidence that the bail money is from a legitimate source. The burden of proof is on the person posting bond.

This isn’t always easy to prove, especially for someone who has never been to court or dealt with evidence before. As an experienced Nashville, Tennessee, criminal defense lawyer, I can help.

I will not only help you fight the charges that you face, but I will also help you prove that your bond money is from a legitimate source. I can also help you find money for bond, if that is an issue.

If You Want To Be Released, You Must Be Prepared

Court officials put source hearings in place because they believed drug dealers were paying bonds for drug runners. This is an issue that they take very seriously, and if you plan to get released from jail on bond, then you must come to the source hearing prepared.

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