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Charged With A Probation Violation?

If you have been charged with a probation violation, you should learn about your options from a skilled criminal defense attorney. A conviction can be a huge setback, especially when you are trying to move on with your life after being convicted of another crime.

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What Is Probation?

Probation is offered to certain individuals who have been convicted of a crime, allowing them to remain in the community instead of going to jail — provided the conditions of probation are met. Others may be put on probation after completing a jail sentence. The offender who is put on probation is assigned a probation officer who supervises and monitors the offender to ensure that the probation conditions are met.

What Happens If Probation Is Violated?

Probation violation is a crime. When an offender has not abided by the terms of the probation agreement, he or she can be brought back to court for a probation violation hearing. If the offender is found guilty of a probation violation, the judge will consider a number of factors to determine appropriate punishment. Potential penalties include:

  • Incarceration
  • Community service
  • Fines
  • Going back to jail to complete original sentence

How Can A Lawyer Help?

As a criminal defense attorney with more than 28 years of experience, I have represented numerous individuals who have been charged with probation violations. I am often able to work with prosecutors and judges to convince them to give my clients a second chance at doing the right thing. I have learned how to work effectively with judges and prosecutors in an attempt to seek a favorable resolution to each client’s case.

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