Trust your legal defense to an experienced lawyer. Call 615-953-8796 (866-572-1886 toll free).

Trust your legal defense to an experienced lawyer. Call 615-953-8796 (866-572-1886 toll free).

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Help With Bond Hearings In Tennessee

I am Tommy Overton, a criminal defense lawyer with more than 28 years of experience. I am often able to work with judges to reduce bonds or to set bonds when they haven’t been set.

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The Benefits Of Bond

When you have been charged with a crime and trial is pending, you may be required to remain in jail until your trial date. If the bond is approved and paid, you can stay out of jail until your trial date. This will allow you to live your life, work, be productive and provide for your family while pending trial.

How To Negotiate Bond In Davidson County

Bond is not always offered to defendants. And when it is, it can be expensive, as the bondsman will need to be paid. That is where an attorney comes in.

I can represent you during your bond hearing and work with the judge to help negotiate bond if no bond option has been offered. And in cases where the bond is too high, I am often able to get that amount reduced. Over the decades, I have represented clients in numerous bond hearings. I will help you seek bond so you can continue living a productive life while you await trial.

Bond Requirements In Domestic Violence Cases

If you have been accused of domestic violence in Tennessee, you cannot immediately get out of jail. There is a 12-hour hold in place, and the bonds in these cases are often high. Additionally, a condition of bond is that you cannot call the victim. You face additional jail time if you contact the alleged victim while released on bond.

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