Trust your legal defense to an experienced lawyer. Call 615-953-8796 (866-572-1886 toll free).

Trust your legal defense to an experienced lawyer. Call 615-953-8796 (866-572-1886 toll free).

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Are There Certain Ways To Negotiate A Violent Felony Crime Down To A Nonviolent Felony Crime?

When charged with a violent felony crime, you could be facing a stiff sentence. You could be facing life in prison and steep fines. At the Law Offices of Thomas T. Overton, we understand how scary this can all seem. We have helped clients throughout Tennessee for almost 30 years. We can help you, too.

Everyone has a right to a defense, and you are entitled to the best possible legal representation. It is possible to negotiate your alleged crime down to a nonviolent felony crime or even a misdemeanor. We can help you in the following ways:

  • Plea bargain; or seeking an agreement that reduces the severity of your charges. This requires negotiating with the prosecution. You will be responsible for admitting some of your charges in order for a lesser sentence.
  • Error in charges; by looking at the case we can see if the police made any errors, like making a mistake or incorrectly identifying those involved.
  • Good behavior; sometimes if you have never been charged with a crime before, we can negotiate your sentence to something more manageable.

Your case requires the advice of an experienced lawyer. We will look through your case and determine what is in your best interest.

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