Trust your legal defense to an experienced lawyer. Call 615-953-8796 (866-572-1886 toll free).

Trust your legal defense to an experienced lawyer. Call 615-953-8796 (866-572-1886 toll free).

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Charges for domestic violence or child neglect are extremely personal and should not be taken lightly. If convicted, you may face jail time and a host of other penalties that can affect every aspect of your life, from where you work and where you live to child custody.

I am attorney Tommy Overton, and I have more than 28 years of experience defending clients against all types of criminal charges in Tennessee. I can help you address domestic violence or child neglect charges, so that you can avoid the negative consequences associated with a conviction.

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Domestic Violence And Child Neglect Charges: How I Can Help

  • Domestic violence — This involves using physical force against a spouse, significant other, family member, someone you live with, or someone else you are in a domestic relationship with.
  • Child neglect — This includes actions that endanger the health or welfare of a child, which may include keeping a child out of school, failing to provide food or water, failing to provide medical care, and other actions.

I handle both misdemeanor and felony domestic violence charges. In general, domestic violence is classified as a felony crime when injuries are sustained by the alleged victim.

Get Advice Before Accidentally Violating Restraining Order

If a restraining order has been placed against you, I can help you understand what you can and cannot do — so that you do not unintentionally violate the restraining order. Most people do not realize that while the initial restraining order is a civil matter, it turns into a criminal matter when violated, and criminal penalties apply.

Let Me Advocate For Treatment Instead Of Jail Time

Domestic violence is a hot button topic, as Davidson County prosecutors are becoming more and more stringent in their penalties and bond requirements. Many people facing charges are worried about the possible child custody repercussions of a conviction, especially if charges arise during divorce proceedings.

At the Law Offices of Thomas T. Overton, I am often able to advocate for treatment over punishment — keeping my clients out of jail and focused on the future.

Contact Me For Understanding Legal Help

When you choose me to help you address domestic violence or child neglect charges, I will treat you with dignity and respect, while helping you seek the most favorable resolution to your case. Please call 615-953-8796, or contact me online.