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An age-old problem in criminal law: shaky eyewitness testimony

The witness -- a seemingly solid citizen with no overt reason to fabricate or otherwise manipulate material fact -- swears to tell the truth and then points squarely at the seated defendant, telling a jury panel and crowded courtroom that he personally witnessed that person's unlawful act.

Senator: AG's pronouncement on criminal sentencing out of touch

It goes without saying that the political reality that daily plays out on Capitol Hill and in state legislatures across the country is marked far more by partisanship and rancor these days than it is by any shared sense of purpose or camaraderie.

How should Nashville police have responded to judge's request?

When the below-cited incident occurred last year, those involved likely never considered that it would blow up to writ-large proportions, result in the resignation of a Nashville General Sessions judge and bring about a fair amount of criticism for the city's police chief.

Viewpoint: White collar crime sentencing often misses the mark

The writer of a recent opinion letter inked for a national media publication would likely nod in instant agreement with comments we prominently make on our criminal defense website at the long-established Law Offices of Thomas T. Overton in Nashville.

Juvenile offenders: a singular demographic in criminal law

Under the following scenario, who is more likely to be looked at in disapproving fashion by a judge or jury: a well-seasoned adult with a long string of criminal convictions who is now facing charges relating to a stolen car or a hasn't-shaved-yet teen offender with no prior record who went joy riding with some friends and is facing a similar charge?

Topic focus: commercial truckers and gun offenses

Imagine the confusion and consternation of a commercial trucker who drives routinely across Tennessee with a loaded gun inside his or her rig and never encounters a problem with law enforcers, yet can suffer legal peril for that same act once a new state is entered.

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