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High-profile spotlight: U.S. Supreme Court to look at phone tracking

Allegedly, an individual targeted by police participated with a group in a string of robberies in multiple locales. In searching for an optimal way to link that person with the crimes, law enforcers seized upon the idea of tracking his movements over time through signals sent out from his mobile phone to cellphone towers.

Probable strategies to combat probable cause tactics

Is it legal for a police officer to pull you over in traffic, tell you to get out of your car, and then start rummaging through your seats and removing objects from inside your vehicle? The answer is absolutely not. The Fourth Amendment to the Constitution protects you from unlawful searches and seizures. Further, a Tennessee police officer (as well as those in other states) must have probable cause to suspect you of a crime before he or she places you under arrest.

An age-old problem in criminal law: shaky eyewitness testimony

The witness -- a seemingly solid citizen with no overt reason to fabricate or otherwise manipulate material fact -- swears to tell the truth and then points squarely at the seated defendant, telling a jury panel and crowded courtroom that he personally witnessed that person's unlawful act.

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