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Increased police stops for DUI over holidays

Nearly every holiday provides an opportunity for celebration. It is a chance to spend time with friends or family, and maybe cut a little loose while you have a break from your daily routine.

However, celebrating a holiday is not an excuse to drink irresponsibly before getting behind the wheel of your car. If you think that authorities take a lax approach to monitoring the roads on a holiday, you might be in for a rude awakening.

Do DUI cases increase on holidays?

According to various DUI statistics, the chance of a deadly crash involving intoxicated drivers approximately doubles around major holidays. In response to this evident threat, police in many cities will increase their street presence on holidays, particularly after dark. Drivers who exhibit unusual driving behaviors may be especially likely targets for a DUI stop during these times.

What should you do during a DUI stop?

Whether or not you have alcohol in your system, it is always best to comply with an officer during a DUI stop. You should, however, be aware of your rights. You do not have to provide any information beyond your name, nor do you have to consent to a search of your vehicle. If you do give verbal consent for a search, this can negate your ability to claim an unlawful search in the event that the matter eventually goes to court.

When you venture out during the holidays, it is important to know that drunk drivers are significantly more common and that police officers are being especially vigilant. You can protect yourself by following defensive driving practices and remaining constantly aware of your surroundings.