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Senator: AG's pronouncement on criminal sentencing out of touch

It goes without saying that the political reality that daily plays out on Capitol Hill and in state legislatures across the country is marked far more by partisanship and rancor these days than it is by any shared sense of purpose or camaraderie.

America's swelling prison population: a ticking time bomb?

There is no dearth of evidence to suggest that an ever-growing number of Tennessee residents and other Americans across the country are strongly favoring efforts to materially reform the country's criminal justice system in a manner that better promotes equity and drives down costs.

Are you walking into trouble if you talk to police on the street?

Let's say you and your friends go to a party in Tennessee. You just finished finals, and are eager for a little rest and relaxation. As is common on the college scene, the party may have gotten a bit out of hand, a fight broke out, and you decides it's best to hit the pavement before the matter escalates. Adding fuel to the fire is the fact that you and your date had a little altercation of your own an hour or so earlier. You figured you'd give your date time to sleep it off, and things would be better in the morning.

How should Nashville police have responded to judge's request?

When the below-cited incident occurred last year, those involved likely never considered that it would blow up to writ-large proportions, result in the resignation of a Nashville General Sessions judge and bring about a fair amount of criticism for the city's police chief.

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