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Drunk driving charges can be defended

When the topic of drunk driving comes up, most people think the worst. They assume that the accused person is guilty before they even hear the particular circumstances involved in the case. Even though this flies in the face of "innocent until proven guilty," it is understandable in a way. Portrayals of drunk drivers have made it so that the public at large has nothing but disdain for them, even though extenuating circumstances could be involved in a DUI case.

Report underscores one key criminal defense responsibility

When police officers and prosecutors state that what they assert in a criminal law matter is the flat-out truth and that there is absolutely no doubt about it, there's no need for a criminal defendant and his or her defense counsel to question anything, is there?

The long-term consequences of a DUI conviction

Almost immediately after your DUI arrest, you may have sensed that things could go very badly for you. If you refused to take a blood alcohol test, officers probably warned you of Tennessee's implied consent law, which means the court could suspend your license if you don't submit to the test. Even if this was your first offense, you could be facing time in jail in addition to substantial fines, fees and other penalties.

When you should fight DUI charges

Each year, Nashville police crack down on DUI enforcement over the holidays, and 2016 was no different. If you are one of the many people who were charged with driving under the influence of drugs or alcohol, then you are probably wondering if you should fight the charges or just plead guilty.

Man suspected of drunk driving now faces assault charges

Sometimes it is hard to explain the reactions some people have to emergency personnel. Some are happy and grateful for the assistance, and others react with fear. One man in Tennessee is accused of assaulting police and firefighters as they tried to help him. The man is now facing drunk driving and other serious criminal charges as a result of his actions.

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