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Trust your legal defense to an experienced lawyer. Call 615-953-8796 (866-572-1886 toll free).

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The long-term consequences of a DUI conviction

Almost immediately after your DUI arrest, you may have sensed that things could go very badly for you. If you refused to take a blood alcohol test, officers probably warned you of Tennessee’s implied consent law, which means the court could suspend your license if you don’t submit to the test. Even if this was your first offense, you could be facing time in jail in addition to substantial fines, fees and other penalties.

The conviction on your record, however, may affect you for years after you have served your sentence and paid your fine. A DUI conviction may jeopardize your efforts to find meaningful work.

A DUI may cost you dearly

Because many employers interpret a drunk driving conviction as a serious lapse in judgment, you may find yourself passed over when you are otherwise well-qualified for a job. Some employers may jump to the conclusion that a deeper concern, such as addiction, may make you a risk. You may experience such rejection in jobs with requirements similar to these:

  • Jobs that entail driving
  • Employment working with children
  • Positions dealing with sensitive information
  • Work that is carefully scrutinized by the public
  • Careers requiring a professional license
  • Health care positions
  • Military or law enforcement jobs

Potential employers may also pass you over for jobs that require impeccable vetting, such as investment or dealing with finances.

In addition to your possible ineligibility for new jobs, your present boss may have reservations about your continued employment. If your driver’s license is suspended and transportation difficulties make you late or absent, a manager may use this as an excuse to cut your hours or let you go. Even if your DUI conviction does not directly affect your work, you may lose your job if you need to take time off for hearings, community service or jail time.

Experience to rely on

Many people feel they can handle a drunk driving arrest on their own, but they soon find out that legal counsel may have prevented unforeseen consequences. You may find yourself stuck in a job for years because the conviction on your record makes you unappealing to employers.

Your future is on the line. To ensure you have the best opportunities possible for a positive outcome, you may find it advantageous to consult an attorney who has decades of experience helping people like you who are facing an uncertain future. Your lawyer will evaluate your situation and discuss with you the best options for a strong defense that will potentially minimize the negative consequences.