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What is the difference between drug manufacturing, sales and trafficking charges?

Drug offenses include a range of illegal activities, including manufacturing, sales and trafficking. While these terms may seem similar, they all have different meanings.

Knowing the differences between them is important when facing serious charges.

Drug manufacturing

Drug manufacturing involves making illegal substances such as cocaine, meth or heroin. People may make and grow anything from marijuana plants to other kinds of drugs.

Manufacturing charges typically come from evidence. This can include the police finding equipment, chemicals or large amounts of drugs at the scene. People facing this conviction may struggle with severe penalties, including long prison sentences and large fines.

Drug sales

Drug sales refer to giving away illegal substances to others or exchanging these drugs for money. This often occurs on streets and in organized crime networks.

Charges can happen when police find evidence of possession with the intent to distribute. This could mean large amounts of drugs, cash or packing materials. Individuals convicted of drug sales may face jail time and asset forfeiture.

Drug trafficking

Drug trafficking is the transportation and distribution of illegal substances across borders or within a country. People may smuggle drugs in vehicles or hide them in shipments. These charges are serious due to the involvement of international or interstate commerce laws. Individuals can face lengthy prison sentences and large fines if the court finds them guilty of this crime.

Drug offense charges can leave people feeling overwhelmed and stressed out. Everyone should stay proactive and protect themselves while navigating the legal system.