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How Are Violent Crimes Negotiated Down?

Every criminal case has its complexities and nuances. It’s easy to condemn a person for a crime without knowing the exact circumstances that led to that event. One of the standard charges for violent behavior is simple assault. Simple assault may consist of actions that knowingly or recklessly causes another person bodily harm. This charge can also involve another person fearing they will be harmed imminently or provoking physical contact.

Understanding the alternatives to jail time

Simple assault is generally considered a misdemeanor crime, as it typically doesn’t result in more than minor physical harm. This harm could include scrapes, bruises and minor lacerations. Depending on a person’s prior criminal history, there may be options available to avoid jail time. Here are two of the moar common jail alternatives:

A suspended sentence: A person can be sentenced to serve jail time and still have their sentence suspended, which means that they can serve out their sentence via probation. The person will have to regularly check in with a probation officer and endure drug and alcohol tests. A subsequent crime could mean that the person will have to serve out their time in jail.

A judicial diversion: A court can defer a person’s sentence on the condition that they undergo supervised probation and follow specific terms and guidelines. Failure to comply could mean a criminal conviction.

Thinking about the future

Jailtime can have numerous implications on a person’s personal and professional life. Any chance a first-time offender can have to reduce the severity of a sentence can provide the kind of intervention they may need to continue their life. Navigating a criminal charge can be a complicated and frustrating process. Learn about what options you may have.