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Roadway confrontation results in felony charges

A 41-year-old man from Tipton County, Tennessee, faces criminal charges, including attempted second-degree murder and 14 counts of aggravated assault. The felony charges stem from a roadway incident that occurred last September involving a group riding motorcycles. 

While driving an SUV, the man allegedly fired a handgun at a group of more than 12 motorcyclists. He also reportedly tried to force some of them off the road by positioning his vehicle among the bikes as they rode in a staggered formation. 


The driver admitted to authorities that he fired two shots at the group. He asserts that he heard a gunshot and that one of the windows near the back seat of his SUV shattered. 

One woman riding with the group describes him leaning out the driver’s side window and firing a shot that reportedly struck the thigh of a male rider. Another woman took a cell phone video of a silver handgun held in the driver’s hand extended from the window. 

Authorities reviewed the footage from the cell phone. Upon searching the SUV, they allegedly found a .45 caliber handgun of unspecified color in the front seat. Their investigation reportedly yielded no evidence that the group of motorcyclists had fired any shots. 


It is unclear how authorities became aware of the incident. Nevertheless, upon arriving at the scene, they stopped the entire group, including the man in his SUV and four or five motorcyclists who were pursuing him. 

The SUV driver also faces charges of using a firearm during a felony in addition to aggravated assault and attempted second-degree murder. He had a court date scheduled this month and remained incarcerated on a $50,000 bond in the interim. 

It is unknown whether any other riders in the motorcycle group sustained any injuries apart from the man who allegedly got hit in the thigh. It is also unclear whether the motorcyclists’ account of the number of shots fired tallies with the two to which the driver admitted.