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5 people you meet in a criminal case

A few years ago, a novel called “The Five People You Meet in Heaven” topped many lists of best-selling books. The novel tells the story of a man who dies and goes to heaven. There, he meets five individuals who had a significant impact on his life. The book was so gripping that Hollywood eventually turned it into a feature-length film. 

If you are facing criminal charges, you are also likely to meet five people who may change your life forever. Here are the five people you meet in most criminal cases:

1. The detective

Police detectives investigate suspected criminal activity. They also interrogate suspects. To gather information, detectives use a variety of techniques. Before questioning you, though, a detective must inform you of your Miranda rights.

2. The prosecutor

While prosecutors may assist detectives in investigating crimes, their primary role is to bring charges against suspects. They also present the government’s case against the defendant at trial. Furthermore, the prosecutor in your case may attempt to negotiate a plea deal with you.

3. The judge

Judges perform a variety of functions in the justice system. If officers want to search your property or arrest you, a judge likely must first give his or her permission. Also, judges preside over criminal trials, deciding what evidence to admit and what to exclude.

4. The probation officer

In many criminal matters, probation officers recommend a sentence. They also often monitor individuals convicted of crimes before and after sentencing.

5. Your defense attorney

While you are apt to meet a variety of individuals who seem to be working against you, you can also have a professional on your side. Your defense attorney can help you through all phases of the criminal process. As such, it is important to find a skilled lawyer who can push back against everyone else you meet in your criminal case. 

You may love to meet people. Still, during your criminal matter, you may want to forget many of your new acquaintances. By understanding who you are likely to encounter, you can better plan for defending yourself against criminal charges.