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Trust your legal defense to an experienced lawyer. Call 615-953-8796 (866-572-1886 toll free).

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White collar fraud allegations: truly, front-page stuff these days

When was the last time you picked up a newspaper (for those of you who even do that anymore in our digital world) and noticed a white collar crime-related tale buried on an inside page?

Truly, it was likely the case that, if you chanced on a media report regarding an alleged embezzlement, questionable Medicare billing or some other fraud-based behavior, it was the top of page 1 you were looking at.

And the reason for that is clear enough: In recent years, and with progressively growing momentum, media outlets are emphasizing white collar crime, with tales of fraudulent behavior that undermines public trust and empties government coffers making for prominent and comparatively salacious fare.

And the heightened media fixation on the white collar criminal realm is hardly something that exists in a vacuum. Rather, it is accompanied by a tandem laser-like focus of state and federal regulators and law enforcers who are devoting substantial amounts of time, energy and money to the task of identifying and making notable examples of criminal defendants in such cases.

Although that obviously bodes ill for convicted wrongdoers, of course, it is also presenting material — indeed, dire — challenges for many individuals nationally, including in Tennessee, who find themselves in the cross hairs of authorities even when they feel they haven’t done anything wrong.

That situation does occur, with crimes like embezzlement, bank fraud, tax evasion and health care billing mismanagement often entailing financial murkiness and even outright complexity that entangles participants — many times, mid-level or even low-tier company employees — in unanticipated legal difficulties.

The bottom line for any person targeted by authorities for allegedly unlawful white collar criminal behavior is that such individual likely has an immediate and compelling need to secure proven legal assistance.

An experienced criminal defense attorney with a demonstrated record of helping diverse clients deal purposefully with white collar crime-related challenges can respond to that through diligent advocacy and an unstinting effort to obtain a best-case outcome.