Lifelong advocacy on behalf of criminal law clients

When we note on our website at the Law Offices of Thomas T. Overton in Nashville that our founding attorney has "represented hundreds of clients over 28 years as a criminal defense lawyer," we believe that says something fundamental about caring for people in need.

In fact, the nearly three decades of knowledgeable, impassioned and aggressive legal advocacy brought to bear by Mr. Overton on behalf of individuals facing criminal charges is centrally marked by unwavering dedication. Moreover, it is buttressed by an unshakeable belief that every person facing the nearly limitless resources commanded by police investigators and prosecutors has dire need of a strong ally.

It is important to note that every individual in Tennessee and across the United States who is confronting the sheer power of the criminal justice administration has the right to be presumed innocent absent a finding of guilt beyond a reasonable doubt.

And this tandem -- and critically important -- right exists, too: access to a criminal defense attorney.

Ensuring a fair playing field for individuals targeted in criminal investigations, coupled with a full safeguarding of their legal rights and unstinting promotion of an optimal outcome in their case: these are the central goals of Thomas T. Overton and his firm's practice of criminal law. We prominently note on a relevant page of our website "how frightening it can be to be charged with a crime," and we make requisite efforts to always speak candidly with and educate our clients en route to working diligently to maximally mitigate the adverse consequences they face.

Our practice addresses criminal charges across a wide universe of felony and misdemeanor counts. We provide diligent representation to persons accused of crimes ranging from murder, rape and aggravated assault to theft, drunk driving and drug offenses.

We envision our blog entries as a collective venue for Tennessee readers interested in perusing timely and relevant stories and information on criminal law topics. We welcome your visits, as well as your feedback and personal contacts to the firm.

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