How bonds and source hearings work in Davidson County

When someone is arrested and charged with a crime, the first thing they want to do is get out of jail while they await trial. This allows the individual to continue to work, be with family and live freely until the court date.

However, in order to be released, defendants are required to post bond, also known as bail money.

Posting bond means that the defendant gives the court money as a guarantee that he or she will appear at trial. If the person does not show up for trial, the bond money is not returned and a warrant is issued for the person's arrest. If the person shows up for trial, as promised, the bond money is returned.

When a source hearing is required

In Davidson County, Tennessee, courts require what is called a "source hearing" when bond is set at $75,000 or higher, or $10,000 or higher in cash.

At the source hearing, whoever is posting bond must prove to the court that the bond money is from a legitimate source. In other words, they must prove that the money is not tied to crime.

This requirement was put into place in effort to prevent drug money from providing bonds. For example, it aims to stop drug dealers from paying bonds for drug runners. That is why source hearings are especially common in cases involving drug charges.

How a lawyer can help with bond hearings

Bond is not always available, and when it is, it is often very expensive. An experienced lawyer can attend the bond hearing on the defendant's behalf and negotiate with the judge to help get bond approved or to help lower bond.

At source hearings, the burden of proof is on the person posting bond. That means it is up to them to prove that the money is not tied to crime. A lawyer can help prove that the money is legitimate so that the defendant can be released from jail as quickly as possible.

A lawyer can also help a person get the money necessary to post bond. Keep reading for more information on posting bond in Davidson County.

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