I have used Tommy many times over the years and he is the BEST. Very responsive and knows the best process to handle your needs. ! He has always had the best outcome in every case! You will not be disappointed.

– Teresa W.

Tommy Overton is worth every penny my district attorney got angry when she knew he was representing me.

- Steven W.

I am a lawyer. I hired Tommy Overton because I needed an attorney to represent me in a very complicated criminal matter. There was a lot of negative publicity about my case. I was not certain that Tommy, or anyone, could perform the legal work that I needed done. I had the resources to choose any attorney in Nashville, but, I chose Tommy because he and I have been friends for 18 years and he knows how to navigate the complicated criminal justice system in Tennessee. Specifically, I asked Tommy to do work for me involving a recent change in the law that required both knowledge, skill and a bit of luck. Tommy took the challenge and accepted my case. He was able to obtain the result that I required without my having to even come to Nashville or even make a court appearance. Whether you have a speeding ticket or a case that is complex like mine, I recommend that you contact Tommy Overton today. The sooner you call him, the more he can do for you to protect your rights. I am grateful for all Tommy did for me. As an attorney who has tried over 30 cases to verdict in front of juries, I can honestly say that Tommy Overton is one of the best criminal defense lawyers around.

– David in Tennessee